The lockdown has been extended and I am praying for it to pass soon. I just like everyone else have survived 21 days confined to the four walls of my home and I am already dreading the upcoming 19.

It is in such testing times that I turn to art. I look through the treasure trove that the world is, looking to stumble upon encouragement and hope in works of others. Poetry and art have always bought me comfort, they are like cold water running on my feet after a hot summer’s afternoon. One such resource is the collection of Urdu Shayaris that have helped me sail through troubled times.

Urdu Shayaris forever hold a special place in my heart. I have picked some of my favourite Urdu Shayaris and am hopeful that these will soothe your heart during the quarantine.

I hope these Urdu Shayaris act as your anchor and encourage you to live each day as it comes.

Translation: You are the great Falcon, your passion is flight, Look ahead, there are more skies to transcend

Translation: The world is not strong enough to obliterate me … the world exists because of me … not me because of the world

Translation: My passion will surely amount to some result, Light shall emerge from this ocean of darkness.

Translation: My heart has encouraged me to carry on further, The shadows of happiness exist beyond the miseries

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Translation:  Life is meant to be lively; the dead hearts, what if not, exist like the spent ash

Translation: For there is no way out except praying, It is only God who can do something now

Translation: This stained tainted light, this night bitten dawn,
That we were waiting for, this is not that morning.

urdu shayaris

Translation: The heart hasn’t lost its hopes, it is just not capable of doing
Though the night is long, it is still just a night

Did these Urdu Shayaris manage to uplift your spirits? Do let me know in the comments down below.

Sources: Rekhta , Argdesi

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