King Sidharth with Dawae podcast

The DaWae podcast with Zairik and Varun is a podcast where these two college students have impactful conversations with great minds of our generations in various fields, helping themselves and others get a head start with their academics, work, lifestyle and life in general.

And Life Goeth On With DaWae Podcast

When I was in 12th grade my parents used to tell me that your life will get sorted after your board exams and I was like okay I believe you. Now when I am in college, I am again told that life will be easier after college.  

I do know that in the Indian Society parents know the best, but this looks like a cycle of disappointment to me.  Do you wonder what your life after college is going to be?

Do you know what will happen after college? Do you know where your chosen path will take you? Do you simply ‘know’? We all are a part of this Indian youth segment which is extensively influenced by the western culture but again in an Indian setting.

So, careers are something we don’t individually have a say in; it is supposed to be a family’s collective decision. 

King Knoweth The Most Wondrous 

However, being a college student myself I got curious when I was told that DaWae podcast is releasing a new episode starring King Sidharth, someone who can resolve all my career-related apprehensions.

Is that even possible? Is His Majesty some teenager who woke up with a teenage dream of calling himself ‘King’ or is he the real deal? 

King Sidharth with Dawae podcast

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It Is All About Thy People At DaWae Podcast

It is going to be really interesting to listen to what His Majesty has to say about  branding; something that just yearns profit or something that promises to deliver to the customer, connect with them on an emotional level and make them choose you out of all the options out there?

Being a Modern-day entrepreneur, I can’t wait to hear his opinion about the blinding glimmer of social media. Is Social Media truly misleading? Should we judge our brand’s growth by it?

I honestly feel that Social Media is just a 6 carat Harry Winston ring making your finger look unpolished; I am excited to know about what he thinks though. #moviereference.

I Shalt Heareth The King at DaWae Podcast

Will the king be sharing some tips and tricks with his people about making a personal brand and successfully seeing it through or will he keep his wisdom to himself? I guess there is only one way to find out!

So, if you are a business enthusiast or if you want to become an entrepreneur then you should definitely take a small detour from your set track and be the king’s audience down at the DaWae podcast. 

Catch the episode 2 of the DaWae podcast with King Sidharth on Spotify this Saturday and let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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