The word podcast is something that is going to strike right at the core of your brain in respect of conversation between two or more groups of people. I am that life-form who drool over self-help books and podcasts more than others. Podcasts have always been a rich source of motivation for me.

Get Along For The Ride With Bakar Bakar Podcast!

The new corona-induced realities of the loss of businesses might cruelly have stripped you of your confidence. This life-survivor -Bakar Bakar Podcast is here to assist you towards your startup plan if you are planning to do so.

I still remember I first heard podcasts when I was in 8th grade. And ever since, I have been listening to them almost every week.

Bakar Bakar Podcast

Deadly corona has made our lives sick. A complete sick. Minds full of stress, anxiety, and all sorts of negative feelings. Not only with you and me but the majority of people and being a believer of ‘Every dark cloud has a silver lining’, I always find ways to be positive and productive.

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This podcast will allow you to grow in your knowledge and skills. Your expertise will be honed.

It will be hosted by Ayush Yadav aka coderwhodesigns. He is an engineer who loves to draw out his imagination and is on his mission to make India creative into this 21st century. If you are into content production, he is definitely your go-to partner.

And the other one is his fellow friend Astitva Gupta, a computer science engineer and founder of ‘Couseveda- An Ed-tech startup who is trying to find the right balance between his coding-decoding and his dreams. He is a great believer in spreading fact-to-fact information.

Engineers are always good at reaping the best of all from illogical into logical things. Bakar Bakar Podcast will be raw and completely unfiltered.  It is for anyone who is in need of a bit of guidance on how to start a new venture and what problems you might face while executing the same.

They are convinced by the fact that no doubt, it is all about putting more effort than 9-5 jobs with a complete risk on mind but even then it would be absolutely worth it in the end.

Bakar Bakar Podcast will inspire you somewhere because their motto is ‘Nothing beats working for yourself’.Packed with all the important information and sprinkle of entertainment will be their thing.

Head over to Bakar Bakar’s first-ever podcast on youtube and hit play and listen to it with your popcorn and notebook in hand.  

It’s time to get started! Put your foot a step forward and take the chance. It’s now or never.

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