With total confusion in my mind about my future, I landed in one of the best commerce institutes in one of the most prestigious Universities of our country – Delhi University.

New to college, I had plenty of expectations from college life like any other fresher. They were mostly fueled by stories that the two engineers at my house (Papa and Bhaiya) shared. I was ever so fascinated by them and couldn’t wait to experience the same for myself.

I couldn’t wait to walk down the same lanes that they had walked, play the same pranks that they had played and nurture all those college friendships that last a lifetime. According to me, they had lived the ideal college life.

When I entered this new stage in my life, it occurred to me that the ideal college life was not in store for me. College life didn’t look rosy at all. All my Dil Chahta Hai plans with my lifelong buddies seemed like a far fetched dream.

It did begin with a good start at Delhi University. Being an ambivert, I was easily able to make a lot of friends. In fact, I had an extremely fun first semester – going on lunches with my friends and making future plans for the things that we wanted to try in these 3 years in Delhi University.

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The charm of trying out new eateries and discovering undiscovered gems together really got to us. As time passed, somehow it disappeared into oblivion. Suddenly, everyone was more concerned about their grades and Curriculum Vitaes and that was all that college life boiled down too.

This transition took a toll on me and on all the Goa and ‘gatecrashing a wedding’ plans that I had made with my friends. Summers were no longer for leisure, summers were about scoring an internship at a reputed firm.

I took the road less taken during the summer break and chose to volunteer at NGOs with my family over an internship. When Delhi University reopened everyone showed off their certificates and the projects they had worked on.

I felt being left out of those conversations. Some people took pity in me as my volunteering experience wasn’t REAL enough. According to most of my peers, my volunteering experience wasn’t going to help me with placements or my career.

Like any other teen trying to figure out college life, I did what anyone would have done at that time – I started questioning myself. I suddenly doubted every damn thing about me.

It seemed as if everyone had figured out stuff for themselves and I am just a lost kid in the race, who has no idea about the direction in which he should be running. This feeling of not knowing what path to take, what road to tread on, and being the only one without a map to guide me really got to me.

During my second year, I experienced something that not only helped me gain a new perspective on life but also boosted my confidence. I’ll be sharing it with you soon, Reader.

Fear Of Missing Out On The Delhi University Life

Another thing which was disheartening about college was the long commute that a couple of my friends and I had to undergo on a regular basis. While some of my friends enjoyed their college life by living in PGs or Hostels, I missed out on a lot of adventure due to the commuting. I even craved the freedom they had living far away from homes.

All the parties and night outs they had made me feel like I am missing out on a major college experience.

Delhi University Library

Disclaimer: The purpose of my blog is not to scare anyone. It’s more of a heads-up to every newcomer that plans to join Delhi University. You do feel the pressure to join the rat race that everyone is participating in. The key here is to not succumb.

Though it is good not to expect too much as I did, you should not be too worried about life at Delhi University as well. College is a big step in everyone’s life and hence seeing it with rose-coloured glasses is okay.

The best part about Delhi University is its diverse crowd. You can find people from every sphere of India having various mindsets, stereotypes, experiences and knowledge.

Also, you have got giant shopping hubs and best café lanes to experience that wonderful evening with your friends. So basically, College life at Delhi University in itself is great, only if one is willing to become more forgiving of themselves and accepting of others.

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