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Thoughts In Delhi Metro

It was 8 A.M. and I was definitely not the early bird that caught the worm, but I sure did want to catch my ride to college.

If you are a college student like me, then you too, definitely spend a tad more time commuting in the Delhi Metro than you spend attending your university classes. (#TheStruggleIsReal)

I hurried towards the platform to catch the metro. Bolt’s instincts took over me and I rushed towards a seat. Often, victories come to us in the form of sweet nothings and getting a seat in the Delhi Metro is definitely a big one.

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I usually rejoice my daily commute but it was one of those days where my thoughts had spiralled into a rut. The Delhi Metro can cause the best of us to fall victims to introspection…

Similarities Between Thoughts And The Delhi Metro…

After enough rumination, it occurred to me, that our thoughts are similar to Delhi’s Metros, passing by brainy platforms. On some days, we may engage with thoughts that are pure chaos and cause us to gasp for breath, while on the other days, we may engage with thoughts that bring a sense of calm: much like finding a seat in the Delhi Metro.

With the former catch, we should always remember, that the journey as endless as it may seem shall soon end, that it is never too late to get down on the next station and let this train, this disturbing thought go. That all these thoughts are temporary and we don’t have control over the kind of thoughts that come.

Mindfulness To The Rescue…

The only key is to be mindful throughout, that thought trains will always come and go, but what we indulge in, will always be in our control. In layman terms, mindfulness or the art of being in the present is a practice in which one makes conscious effort to live in the present and just observes the thoughts that come into one’s brain. One does not fight any of the thoughts which come and accepts that all sorts of thoughts: negative or positive, exist.

Mindfulness: Delhi Metro

After this latest ride of mine, the Delhi Metro station which always seemed like a rat’s nest to me, now served as a sweet reminder of mindfulness, intimating that calm could often be found in the most chaotic places.

Ever had an epiphany during your daily commute? Do let me know in the comments down below.

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