Do you have a pet or a friend who is a pawrent? Want to tell them how much you love them? Doodlez.n.Designz run by a second-year Delhi University student, Ria Khillan, has a trending gifting solution for all pawrents. Ria makes customized pawsome pet portraits which make a great gift for all pet parents out there.

Being a paw parent is a special feeling, I got once recently and I swear my pup has my heart. Having a furry friend around is truly a blessing and I am more than grateful.

Owing to my recent pet obsession, I recently stumbled upon this uber-cool Instagram page, Doodlez.n.Designz which is founded by Ria Khillan, a second-year college student.

I absolutely adored her work and couldn’t stop myself from getting myself a pawsome pet portrait. Being the talkative being that I am, I happened to strike a conversation with her about her passion project.

Here’s My Little One

The creator, Ria Khillan, is currently pursuing a commerce degree and started this page as a part of her passion project. Little did she know that this was something that would love to do professionally.

The responses on her work were great and she started getting client orders. Ria strongly believes in loving what she does and hence she does what she loves the most!

A Gentle Reminder To Listen To Your True Calling

Coming from a commerce background she didn’t restrict herself to commerce career options but took her passion, art and took the best of both worlds to become an art entrepreneur.

Choosing something unconventional is a difficult and strong step. But the people on Instagram loved her work. This kept her going.

Ria does everything ranging from unique gifting solutions in today’s digital atmosphere to quirky logos and social media creatives for businesses.

She specializes in making relatable comics, doodles illustrations, art workshops, book covers and social media creatives for clients to help up their social media game. Ria has also hosted doodle workshops in the past.

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After having a chat and getting something customized made I personally recommend her work.

This Pawsome Pet Portrait Will Melt Your Heart

As a pet parent, you must get these pawsome pet portraits. These framed masterpieces not only will put a smile on your face but up your decor game as well. They are the perfect decor piece to add a little artistic pop in your room or your friend who’s a pet parent.

At Doodlez.n.Designz you get to choose from a variety of styles ranging from watercolour pet portraits which are everyone’s favourite to painting style portraits, fairy tale style, comic style and super trendy royal pet portraits.

Not just this, you can even get your pet portraits customized, go wild with your creative imaginations and this doodler from Delhi would bring your creative imagination to life through her pawsome pet portrait.

Get one with you and your paw friend or only your precious pet. The time you spend with your furry best friend is the best time. To capture these memories forever you must invest in pawsome pet portrait.

Visit her Instagram page DOODLE.N.DESIGNZ to lift your spirits. Don’t forget to check out the pawsome pet portraits that I absolutely loved! Thank me later in the comments below.

Disclaimer: I swear on my pet, this review isn’t sponsored. Do check out this Delhi based doodler’s work. We can fan-girl together.

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