In the prevailing gloom of massive problems, the fashion industry might not be on top of your mind as one of the major elements of presently active environmental problems. You may not even think about the effect of your fashion choices on the environment. The thought of making sustainable fashion choices is least likely to cross your mind.

Fashion Industry which is known for its multibillion-dollar investments annually for making and selling clothes has now introduced us to huge complex problems for our environment due to mindless consumerism.

It has been declared that by 2050 more than 25 percent of the entire global carbon budget will go to this one industry. Our earth is rolling out a global call to action to re-evaluate our relationship with our mother earth.

We need to help the environment and make the switch to support Sustainable Fashion.

What Is Sustainable Fashion All About?

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion is like expressing our love for nature through what we wear!

As a Customer, it means making green and clean, fair and ethical conscious fashion choices while buying and adopting all the eco-friendly pieces from material sourcing to brand ethics in our lifestyle so as to minimize the carbon footprint as well as giving a nod to the trend in favor of healthier planet.

As the Brand itself, it means taking up a holistic approach in improving the raw design, manufacturing, and consuming to decline overall environmental impacts, improve social and cultural conditions, and in return making their business finances handy for the benefit of the environment.

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Today, the Definition of Fashion has changed its meaning. Bulk buying of clothes has become a thing of the past as sustainability is new normal. Sustainable Fashion for most people is ultimately a toss between affordability and convenience.

Why We Must Practise Sustainable Fashion

Fast fashion has made the buying capacity of consumers so high that their senses have stopped detecting the effect it is causing to the environment. As fast fashion is made up of acrylic, nylon, and polyester which is a complete plastic, non-biodegradable, and takes 200 years to decompose. Due to this, our planet, animals, and communities around the world are suffering at the cost of it.

We need to adopt this Sustainable Fashion sphere in order to

  • Minimize the extensive use of natural resources
  • Maximizing the use of remake, reuse, and recycling cycle
  • Upgrade the present working conditions of workers, working diligently in the fields, factories, supply chains, and stores.
  • Such processed products biodegrade at a faster rate.

Alas, our earth has been giving heavy prices of our deeds! We need to become a part of the solution and resolution with the aim of the longevity of our planet earth!

Bring Sustainable Fashion To Your Home!

More and more brands have witnessed the importance of an environmental focus, dressing sustainably no longer means compromising. For instance, H&M, Adidas, Jack &Jones, Puma, and the North Face are some of the renowned brands that manufacture their collection using returned, damaged, and defective pieces. They follow the formula of Ethics+ Aesthetics= Sustainable Fashion. 

Not only brands but the consumer themselves are patronizing a positive outlook towards a sustainable future in fashion.

Today, the world of Sustainable Fashion is at your fingertips. So, do your bit positively!

How To Shop In A Sustainable Way?

Sustainable Fashion has grown 5 times in the last 3 years because they have realized that consumers care to know where their clothes come from.

Right below I have highlighted some ethical practices that you can make to mitigate the environmental impact radically:

(A) Seek For Organic Material Alternatives:

  • Linen- It is a breathable and durable option that is harvested without using pesticides.
  • Organic cotton- The most lightweight and easy to use fabric which can contribute a lot in declining chemical waste amounts in the ecosystem.
  • Hemp- It is a natural UV resistant and does not depend on any pesticide to grow.

(B) Follow The Agenda Of ‘wear and care’:

Repeat your clothes as sustainable items are:

  • Durable almost forever
  • Are timeless
  • Versatile      
  • Do not collect dust
  • Harmless to your own self      

 (C) People are committing the challenge of #nonewclothes for 50/90/120 days to reduce carbon footprints. Moreover, they are choosing to wash their clothes only when required.

(D) Introspect:

Ask questions to yourself like

·         Can this thing be recycled?

·         How many times will I wear this?

·         Do I actually need this?

(E) Strive For Real Eco-Friendly Options-

  • Opting rental clothes
  • Green thrive shops
  • Peer-to-peer sharing

Hence, if you will lay your hands on your favorite apparel you can purchase with full confidence that it is ethically and sustainably made.

In sum and substance, Sustainable Fashion can be depicted in 3 P’s- People Planet Profit.

Let’s make every purchase decision a vote for the world that we wanted since always! Because every person’s decision makes a difference.

Be sustainable! Be eco-conscious!

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Source: Sustainyourstyle , sustainablefashionmatterz

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