DaWae Podcast with Zairik and Varun is a podcast where these two college students have impactful conversations with great minds of our generations in various fields, helping themselves and others get a head start with their academics, work, lifestyle and life in general. In this episode of the DaWae Podcast, they discuss habits and reading with Pradarshan.

THE WEEKEND IS HERE! I finally get to be socially distant from work emails and academia. Just kidding, I have no work whatsoever, I only write and spend my time on Instagram and Twitter. I also recommend great content and spam my friends with recommendations. You know the sweet feeling when someone actually considers your recommendation, I live for that feeling.

Dear Reader, allow me to give you a dramatic account of my latest podcast adventure; dramatic enough to make you consider my Spotify recommendation.

So, one scorchy summer Sunday night faraway in the locust land, I tuned into the latest episode of the DaWae podcast featuring Pradarshan aka PRADO to learn about building habits and reading; to cope with my summertime sadness that comes with being unproductive. Voila, ten minutes into the podcast and I already felt way inspired than before.

A Super Dramatic Summer Night Picture

My saviour or the guest, Pradarshan aka PRADO is someone who has travelled most of India and Nepal before 21 on his terms. He has freelanced his way throughout his late teens and is always focused on self-growth and gaining knowledge.

Today Pradarshan runs the GOAT BOOK CLUB, a club in which the members get to connect directly with the authors and learn with/through them. He also releases a newsletter which goes by the name PRADOLOGUE.

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(Read)y To Have An Edge?

During his conversation with the hosts of the Dawae podcast, Pradarshan stresses the importance of reading. He truly believes if the content is to be consumed in such excess, then the source has to books and not Instagram or Netflix.

The importance of reading: Pradarshan with dawae podcast

Power Of Compounding

PRADO talked about how small steps add up to big progress. He feels that people usually overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate their achievement in an year, this leads to most beings quitting too often. According to Pradarshan, it is integral that people take the first step and keep going, as consistency is the key with habits.

Pradarshan believes that once the habit is cultivated, the power of compounding finally starts to work its magic. Soon, every little step that one takes covers miles.

Pradarshan’s Take On Freelancing

Pradarshan started freelancing during his college years. He feels everyone should work on a side project even if they are working a 9-5 if they truly want to flourish in life. Pradarshan began as a full-time freelancer since money wasn’t a constraint for him but suggests people with constraints to create the extra time in their life.

That’s DaWae, Mahi Vae

Excuse my obsession with Shahrukh Khan. Pradarshan helped me gain insight on building habits, freelancing and the power of content. If you’re someone who is looking to cultivate new habits as well then Pradarshan’s way is DaWae.

As a twenty-year-old, I found the conversation super helpful. If you too are young and are trying to figure out your way, I hope this podcast acts as a lighthouse and guides your path.

Head on to Spotify and go check out the podcast DaWae’s episode 4 featuring Pradarshan. There’s so much more to this episode than what I wrote. Thank me later in the comments below.

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