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This one starry monotonous night, sitting in my room, scrolling through my Netflix account, I was trying to find some nice TV Series as per my interests. I almost feel like I have watched every show there is to be watched on Netflix, which admittingly is quite sad.

Has the Coronavirus made us antisocial or is it just our inner self showing up after a long time of forced pretending? Are Humans really ‘Social Beings’? Anyhow, after 15 minutes of switching between Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and YouTube, I found myself clicking on this TV show called, ‘The Politician’.

The Plot Of The Politician On Netflix

Now to briefly sum it up for you, ‘The Politician on Netflix is a story of an affluent high school student named Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) who is extremely passionate (I would refrain from using the word obsessed as it is a very strong emotion) about becoming the President of the United States of America.

His story starts with him running for the Student Body Elections in his school; portraying the faithless political landscape between the various candidates. Payton Hobart has been characterized as one of those people who like to plan everything in their lives, just like a true politician.

The Politician On Netflix

A Twist In The Tale

The twist in the tale comes in The Politician on Netflix when River Barkley (David Corenswet), his secret hidden love is running as his opponent for this election.

This initially really bothers him because who wouldn’t choose the heart-throb River ‘Mr. Sweetest Jock’ Barkley over Payton ‘Mr. Uptight’ Hobart.

Payton believes in the ‘Domino Effect’ and is therefore adamant that winning the Student Body Elections will be the first step towards the White House.

Season one of The Politician on Netflix ends with the suicide of a character (do not worry I will not give you any spoilers) who had a great emotional significance to Payton and therefore his entire ‘Campaign’ goes down with a crash.

The main thing that was very vividly reflected in this series was Payton’s ability to not feel much emotions. In the show Politician on Netflix, when Payton got to know about the suicide, he expresses his emptiness to his mother, who we see has also played a major role in his life.

Georgina Hobart (Gwyneth Paltrow) plays the role of a loving selfless mother, who tries to ensure that her son does not end up as a bad person, after all, he really thrives on duplicity.

The Scene

In The Politician on Netlfix, one of her dialogues has held my interest ever since I have finished the series. When in one of the scenes (exclusively between Payton and his mother) he confides in his mother saying,

“I am worried that I don’t have the same feelings everyone else does.”

We see Georgina Hobart responding to this by saying,

“I think a lot of young people feel that way, especially nowadays. Your generation got the terrible idea that it was best to vomit every thought and feeling all over each other, It is a pandemic of over-communication that has led to the absence of intimacy.”   

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Feelings All Over The Place 

Is Georgina Hobart saying the truth? Has this generation forgotten the taste of intimacy? Do we really not know the difference between ‘Privacy’ and ‘Secrecy’ anymore? I must admit, that night Georgina Hobart really did get to me.

I mean Humans are social beings and they thrive on creating social and emotional bonds, but should everyone have a front row ticket to how we feel and think?

What is ‘Intimacy’ for a person? Is it a cosy and private relaxed atmosphere? Is it having sexual intercourse? Is it just a close familiarity or friendship? How do we feel intimacy? Do communications foster in the presence of intimacy? Can over-communication decimate the intimacy already present in any friendship or relationship?

I think we live in a generation where we change our minds more often than a magazine changing its ‘Cover Page’. I don’t think that our generation understands the meaning of the word ‘Pause’; in the sense pausing to understand the consequences of what is and what might be.

So, if I want to communicate with someone about my feelings, emotions, thoughts, wants, needs or desires and communicating with just one person is not nearly satisfying for me then am I constantly adding to this ‘Pandemic’ of ‘Over-Communication’? And if that is the case then is monogamy in communication the answer to it?

What if we don’t like the solutions we come up with and need lots of opinions? Can I turn to my “Communication Recipients’ in such a situation? Do we still have that kind of trust and respect here in this generation? What if we don’t trust ourselves to know what’s wrong or right?

Will this Emotional Pandemic ever end? Is ‘Vomiting every thought and feeling all over each other’ not a ‘Grown-Up’ thing to do? Could our words be used against us? In this society, could our current ‘Emotional Outbursts’ be used as ammunition to hold us at gunpoint in future?

I guess maybe I should take it easy with Netflix…

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