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DaWae with Zairik and Varun is a podcast where these two college students have impactful conversations with great minds of our generations in various fields, helping themselves and others get a head start with their academics, work, lifestyle and life in general.

Not so long ago our planet earth was invaded by an ugly virus called The CoronaVirus. It terrorized us all, made us hide in our homes and disrupted our weekends and weekdays. Those who went clubbing every weekend, I feel you. Those who loved having street food, I feel you. Weekly shopping sprees with your best friends? I FEEL YOU.

Not just these tiny little moments of happiness but it has majorly affected us in ways we couldn’t have imagined of.  I won’t joke around but it feels like I have hit rock bottom with the pandemic situation, but again who hasn’t?  If you’re reading this blog in 2020, it still is present amongst us so be safe and stay at home.

So yeah, I came to realize that I’m not feeling positive these days and I needed that ‘Positivity Shot’. I tried reading quotes, books and Instagram posts but nothing helped me. I even tried cleaning my room…

This one fine day I was casually browsing through my Spotify and I found this ‘Podcast’ by the ‘DaWae’. I saw myself being primarily drawn to it and I gave in. 

DaWae Of Living Life

I would just like to confess something here; this was worth the 19 minutes and 31 seconds of my life. To brief you up, the podcast DaWae was a very interesting conversation on ‘Positivity, Fitness, Mental Health and Beyond’.

The guest speaker was a very vivacious young woman, Anuchi Jain who is a Yoga Instructor, dietitian, an advocate of optimism, and a future doctor. In addition to running a YouTube channel, Miss Anuchi Jain is also the founder of the Instagram Page Vedani, an initiative she has taken to accomplish her goals.

Anuchi Jain started with talking about how like a normal teenager she didn’t give much thought to serving the community but now she is going to great lengths to help people physically and mentally.

She also mentioned that it is extremely important to be enthusiastic in life with regards to anything you do, just the way she is regarding helping others.

I connect with her so much on the ‘Enthusiasm’ note because we all have stopped being enthusiastic. Everyday fades into a blurred line and at times it is kind if difficult to keep track of just how the week goes by. 

Humans Are Hilarious

Miss Anuchi Jain pointed out the very funny nature of human beings. She explained how there are so many things we plan on doing when we don’t have the time and now when we have plenty of it, we aren’t doing anything about the things we planned. Maybe it is the complexity of the human nature that we can’t consciously make the effort, but hey no one’s judging!

Invest in yourself

I don’t know how many people feel the same, but have you ever put the least important thing/s above yourself? I often find myself in a place where if I must work, I will just forgo my health; I do the task at the risk of my health. Anuchi Jain made me realize today that if we won’t exist, our hard-working efficiencies won’t exist either.

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During episode 1 of DaWae, Anuchi Jain talked about these three important mantras we should live by; taking care of your body, eating healthy and investing in yourself and the things you like to do.

Happiness isn’t the measure of the number of materialistic things you have but the feeling of wholeness in your heart.

A Quote By Anuchi Jain

Even though Maslow’s hierarchy of needs says that ‘Self-Actualization’ is the ultimate thing I just feel like you could ‘Self-Actualised’ from completing your assignment but the wholesome happiness and the feeling of content as a human is much more than this. 

A Generation Of The Stressed

Our generation has actual stressors in the environment, and I swear by this statement. It is not like our parent’s generation. With an easy lifestyle comes complications with living those lifestyles.

Education now isn’t what it used to be back then. Things have changed drastically. Amongst all this, we do not give importance to our ‘Mental Health’, as Anuchi Jain pointed out during DaWae’s first episode.

Miss Anuchi Jain rightfully said that only a healthy mind can breed a healthy body. I second this because a lot of times we just get tired with the stress of a work rather than the work itself. It is like draining your mental fuel deliberately and consciously but even I feel helpless in such situations.

She suggested that mental health can be better by doing the things which provide you calmness and rejuvenation, like art, especially Mandala Art (if you would like to know more about this therapeutic art form, do check out our blog on it.), kinds of music etc.

Anuchi Jain swears by ‘Meditation’ as it has helped her transforming and channelling her inner static energy into some ‘Productive’ and ‘Mind-Friendly’. 

Positivitea: The Beverage Of The Year

Apart from these extremely sensible life hacks mentioned in the first episode of DaWae, Anuchi Jain majorly talks about the outlook one should have towards life.

It completely depends on us how we view a situation; glass half empty or half full. Being optimistic during a tough situation only helps you in getting through that situation more smoothly and calmly without much harm to your mental health.

I agree with Miss Anuchi Jain on this because at times during a tough situation, it seems like the world is ending. However, if we take the complete opposite angle and try to see the good in bad, we can reach another level of not just being a human but an individual. 

Listening to this 20-minute episode of the podcast DaWae by Varun and Zairik just made me realize how underappreciated I am as a human and there is so much of positivity and enthusiasm inside me, waiting to be unleashed.

I think we should start appreciating every little aspect that surrounds us, whether it is our family, friends or objects which help us and be thankful to the very core of life.

I know I am thankful to the ‘DaWae’ and Miss Anuchi Jain for bringing such a life-binding lesson on positivity to this world. I think everyone should check it out and get that ‘Positivity Gatorade’ in their body. I think this is indeed the ‘DaWae’ of living your life!

Here’s what Varun’s and Zairik’s dad had to say about the first episode of DaWae featuring Anuchi Jain :

Head on to Spotify and go listen to the podcast DaWae’s episode 1 featuring Anuchi Jain. Thank me later in the comments below.

Sources: DaWae podcast, Blogger’s own experience

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