Think of all those days when you were quite occupied with your life and you pulled off no time to shower love to your pets all day. This worldwide lockdown has proved to be a blessing in disguise. It has shown us a green flag to pour more of our love for our furry friends, thus keeping the stress of this lockdown at bay!

I am sure your pets are like your family and your four-legged pals are feeling your presence more often nowadays. So, this is the best time for you and your pet to reap the benefits for a lifetime and go for PIZZA, NETFLIX AND CUDDLES!

Get everyone in the household involved in pet care during a lockdown!

There has been much debate about whether pets are carriers of the virus or not. WHO has announced that pets are not carriers of COVID-19 and are completely safe to roam around. 

In midst of unprecedented crisis, I have jotted down on how you can practice pet care during a lockdown:

1. Strive For Indoor Fun

Since, we all are confined within our homes with our all-time favourite books, binge-watching movies, and some classic music. Spare some good time for your best four-legged friend as well.

Take them for a walk on your terrace or garden if you have. Give them a spa treatment. Entertain them with toys or snuggle up on the couch. Also, let them crash in on your zoom meetings for a while. It will make a tail-wagging difference!

Go play hide and seek and tug-of-war games as pet care during a lockdown where you can also incorporate some movement for yourself.

2. Talk To Their Vet

Access to regular veterinary checkups may be limited during this period. So, monitoring pet care during a lockdown should not be ignored.

Pet Care During A Lockdown

Give a call to your veterinarian for follow-up care and educate yourself about your pet’s possible health problems which may befall. Access to telemedicine facilities are also available, make sure you make use of such services.  

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3. Homemade Meals Are Underrated

We did not have enough hours in the day to prepare some homemade meals for our pets. Make sure to prepare a savory treat for your pet when you make one for yourself. 

If your pet is a dog then brown or white rice, green veggies, carrots, etc. in vegetables and apple, pear and plums in fruits would be happy and yummy for you and your pup.

And if your pet is a cat then you can rely on oats, barley, corn, soy and wheat.

Take into consideration their safety and digestibility. DO NOT FEED THEM WITH YOUR LEFTOVERS.

4. Better Hygiene

Pet care during a lockdown can be extremely challenging. Chalk down some hygiene and grooming classes for your ball of fur.

Trim your dog or cat’s nails and hair regularly, brush their teeth, clean their habitat, spruce up their litter box in your garden or any small corner, re-fill their water bowls time-to-time and let them laze around in the balcony to get some fresh air. 

Everything Is Fine As Long As We Have Dogs And Wine

5. Stock It Up!

Flagging chronic food shortages may occur. So, make sure to stock up some essential pet food and medication prior.

Dare to risk running out of your pet’s favorite treat! Haha! 

I hope all these essential tips on pet care during a lockdown prove to be of help to you and your pets.

If you too own a pet, kindly leave us in comments below on how you are romping around and safe-keeping your fur friends.

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