DaWae Podcast with Zairik and Varun is a podcast where these two college students have impactful conversations with great minds of our generations in various fields, helping themselves and others get a head start with their academics, work, lifestyle and life in general. In this episode of the DaWae Podcast, they discuss artist economy and content creation with Pawan Rochwani.

Ever since Spotify released its application in India, I have been obsessed with podcasts. Podcasts are much easier to consume plus I can easily play one in the background and move on to doing productive things, like scrolling on Instagram. But if there’s one podcast that compels me to consume it mindfully, it has to be the DaWae Podcast.

It was a fine Saturday morning ( well, every day feels like Sunday nowadays, who am I kidding?) and I was ready with my earplugs and a cute Miniso notepad to take in notes from episode 3 of the DaWae Podcast featuring Pawan Rochwani. I so terribly wish I had this level of preparedness for my university examinations.

Pawan Rochwani was indeed a very ambitious young man. He is the co-founder of Platform for artists, author of the newsletter “Relatively Correct” which covers a diverse range of topics. He is an extremely extroverted person, trying to build a financially potent Artist community in India.

Well, Dear Reader, thank me already because I made you a highlight list of the super interesting conversation between Pawan Rochwani and the hosts at DaWae Podcast.

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Pawan Rochwani On Consistency And Content Creation

Pawan made me realize the importance of enjoying the creating process and not being hyper-focused on the end result. This not only allows you to expand your creative horizon but also fulfils you from inside. Enjoying what you create is the first step in being consistent.

Pawan Rochwani With DaWae Podcast

Planning In Advance All DaWae

Planning content in advance goes a long way if you’re someone who’s a content creator. Making use of tools like schedule planners and having a list of content topics ready will surely help you up your game.

Create Your Truth Yet Experiment

Throughout the podcast, Pawan Rochwani insisted that an artist should focus on creating his truth. This coupled with consistency will guarantee one an audience that truly appreciates and looks forward to one’s work.

Creating your truth doesn’t mean you don’t experiment with content at all. Make sure your style is consistent yet you’re bringing new things to the table. Experimentation will only lead to a better version of your truth.

As someone who writes, I found these tips super helpful and I am sure to keep these in mind during my writing process. If you’re a content creator, I hope you make good use of them too.

Head on to Spotify and go check out the podcast DaWae’s episode 3 featuring Pawan Rochwani. Thank me later in the comments below.

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