Our skin is fragile, and it is essential to take the utmost care of our skin without exposing it to harmful toxins. But before you loosen your purse strings for those oh-so expensive products, it’s time to raid the kitchen and follow some home remedies.

If you want glowing skin, this milk and honey facemask is your best bet.

How To Make All Natural Milk And Honey Facemask At Home

Making the milk and honey facemask at home is super easy. The recipe is as easy as making instant noodles and I promise it gets ready in 2 minutes.

To make the milk and honey facemask, you only need 2 ingredients. The best part is that it can be customized according to your skin’s needs.

1. In a bowl, add 3 teaspoons of milk with ½ teaspoon of honey. Stir the two ingredients using a spoon.

2. Keep on stirring until the honey has dissolved in the milk completely. You want to end up with a cream-like consistency. Voila! Your all natural milk and honey facemask is ready.


You don’t need to refrigerate the mask. However, I suggest you use cold milk as it helps to depuff your under-eye area. Also, cold milk feels heavenly!

Once you’ve made the all-natural milk and honey facemask at home, dip a cotton pad/ball in this mixture and apply it evenly on your face. After applying it, let it absorb into your skin and once it is dry, apply another layer and let it sit for 10 mins.

Time To Rinse Baby!

Rinse your face after 10-15 minutes. Make sure to massage your skin nicely until you have gotten all the residual off.

I would not recommend using any facewash. You may use any mild cleanser if your skin feels sticky or oily. Always remember to wash your face with cold water as it slows down the ageing process. It also helps to tighten your pores and promotes blood circulation.

After washing your face, pat dry your face with a soft towel. Apply a toner followed by a gentle moisturizer. Time to treat yourself like the queen you are!

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Benefits Of The Milk And Honey Facemask

1. Using Honey for skin is always a good idea. Also, if mixed with natural ingredients, found in our kitchen, makes it much more effective and inexpensive than any other beauty treatment.
2.The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of honey help in decreasing the appearance of scars on the skin.
3. Honey is also known to lighten the skin and increase healing and tissue regeneration of the skin.
4. It can also be used as a cleansing agent, it opens the pores and absorbs impurities from them, leaving the skin smooth and clean. And it actually draws moisture to the skin.
5. It balances the bacteria on the skin which makes it a great product to use for acne.

Milk: Ingredient for Milk and Honey Facemask

Milk has so many skin benefits! It nourishes skin cells from deep within and keeps the skin moisturized all day.
1. It contains a compound called AHA( Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which is used mainly inexpensive beauty products. AHA helps to slow down the ageing process.
2. It also treats dry, flaky and peeling skin and helps to remove dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth.
3. The creamy texture of milk makes it a perfect ingredient for face masks. It leaves the skin hydrated and moisturized.
4. Milk is considered good for improving the complexion as well. It also reduces tan, dark spots and dark patches on your skin.

Here’s How You Can Use The Two Ingredients Other Than Making The Milk And Honey Facemask

  1. Drinking a glass of milk with honey just before bed helps to promote better sleep quality. It also enhances bone strength and promotes good heart health.
  2. A hair pack made out of honey and milk restores the vitality of damaged and wrinkly hair to make it smooth and shiny. The pack’s effect is similar to applying a conditioner, but all-natural without the chemicals.
  3. A mixture of milk and honey, with some oats, can also be used as a gentle scrub for your skin which will help in removing blackheads and dead skin cells. Exfoliation stimulates the skin and healthy cells are regenerated.
  4. Milk and honey can also be used while bathing. You can literally dip your whole body in this mixture. It helps to rejuvenate your skin.
  5. Milk and Honey can also be read. Rupi Kaur fans, where you at?

I hope this all-natural home remedy gives you the healthy glowing skin that you’ve been wishing for forever without any load on your pocket.

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