The environment has started healing and it’s time to make it heal more! Our planet has suffered from unimaginable devastation for quite a long time. The notion of ‘leaving our mark’ on the planet will now set forth an immense meaning in the lives of people!

Do you know there’s a new invention made by an entrepreneur and artist Jae Rhim Lee who came up with an innovative and eco-friendly method of Organic Burial (being biodegradable) post-death which is called Infinity/ Mushroom Burial Suit. USA is the first country where these pods are legal and permissible.

This artist is so heavily intent on creating future-proof humanity and nature by minimizing the impact of the human body on Earth. These Organic Burial Pods In USA are marked with the trees as a remembrance of the deceased person and hence, making land fruitful. The world is changing. Kins are switching their traditional practices into modern ways in order to manage and create resilience to future threats.  

Organic Burial Pods In USA is booming these days!

It turns your body into a tree, making the third generation getting in touch with you. This novel concept has recently started to gain in popularity and is still new to most people. Placing a vision of the future, the green funeral is serving as a memorial and legacy for posterity and safe-keeping our planet! 

What is Eco-friendly Death Suit?

Organic Burial Pods In USA

Developed by many of California and Italian-based green burial company, this eco-friendly infinity suit is made up of organic cotton fabric with mushroom-spore infused on it and designed in egg-shape in order to provide enough space for a human body to get adjust in it. Mushrooms being rich in self-seeking growth helps in decomposing your body and turning your body toxins into enzymes. As the tree grows, you end up with a customizable beautiful tree. Moreover, Organic Burial Pods In USA makes sure that remains won’t make plant life or water supply adulterated.

How it works?

Organic Burial Pods In USA

When the body goes inside of the pod, it works with nature in turning the decaying body into a tree. In this, the corpse act as a seed inside the starch-plastic bag with a small tree attached to it which is completely customizable with your favorite seed on top of it. The soil gets nutrients from the body to surrounding plant roots efficiently. Thus, transmuting the human body into a tree. Gradually, becoming a part of the earth and simultaneously making the person memorable in a greener way.

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Luke Perry, Riverdale, and Beverly Hills, 90210 star died unexpectedly in 2019. Green funeral was chosen which was one of his final wishes. According to his daughter, Sophie Perry, he was buried in an Organic Burial Pods In USA that allowed his decaying body to become a part of nature. She took over her Instagram handle to notify people of the same.

I came across a lot of readings regarding being uncomfortable with the idea of burying. I reckon that everyone has their own rituals and ways to depart their loved ones. But, this biodegradable Organic Burial Pods In USA comes in the wake of evidence that it is being appreciated around the globe, but it will take a long way before we can change the rules and be kept off in most of the countries. The effectiveness of this Organic Burial Pods In USA is for the ones who are struggling to find a balance between their concern for the environment and their loved ones!

Rationale Behind The Project

The root-cause of using the Organic Burial Pods In USA is to create inextricable bond with the earth.

  • Making a memorial park for a family tree representing human life
  • Afforestation
  • Keeping emissions at bay
  • Making land accessible for re-use
  • Feeding the earth right way

Keeping the green goals in mind, mankind in the USA has transmuted their conversation into actions in order to safeguard nature and their ecosystem. The Organic Burial Pods In USA has started creating an everlasting memorial tribute to our loved ones by letting nature do its work.

Do let us know what kind of ecological footprint you are leaving on this planet in the comment section below!

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