The DaWae podcast with Zairik and Varun is a podcast where these two college students have impactful conversations with great minds of our generations in various fields, helping themselves and others get a head start with their academics, work, lifestyle and life in general. In their latest episode, they discuss Personal Branding and Entrepreneurship with King Sidharth.

Brand. Does it mean a person? Does it mean a corporation? Does it mean a fashion boutique? What is meant by the word ‘Brand’? When I think of this word, I associate it with the fashion brands present out there but is that all?

Jules Marcoux rightly said that “Branding is so much more than designing a beautiful logo.” So, what is the crux of this word? I think we all want to
be associated with style and glamour and henceforth we choose a ‘Brand’ to represent our interests. But how do we recognize our interests and most importantly our brand?

When I got to know that DaWae podcast has brought in a business hotshot entrepreneur in their latest episode, I ended up opening their Spotify account. I’m a curious college going individual and I have apprehensions about my future and hence I shall seek my answers.

So, this podcast features King Sidharth, the king of design and content, a motivational speaker, a well-recognized entrepreneur with recognition for art; DaWae did bring in the big gun this time. So, what does His Majesty have to say?

The Lockdown Situation:

It has been months, to be honest, and this 6-inch OLED display boundary has stopped working for me and friends. It has also been extremely difficult to stay punctual to deadlines.

It is almost like my productivity is on a downward spiral. Is it just me? Nope! After listening to King Sidharth talking about how he faces a similar issue, I have never felt so self-assured in life.

How to deal with this? King Sidharth talked about how he manages his time by taking small breaks in between and working for shorter durations instead of making longer commitments.

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King Sidharth also talked about keeping a variety of things in your schedule, to prevent the monotony of the task from boring you out. Well, what in the world was I thinking planning a 13-hour study session?!

He ultimately believes that meditation and mindfulness have been helping him out quite well in dealing with stressful situations and he recommends it to all. Staying still for a solid 5 minutes…this will be fun!

Be Your Boss

I just have one question, if I am my boss, how do I give myself deadlines? Do I scold myself for my shortcomings? They say Entrepreneurs are those people who work 100 hours a week, so they don’t have to work 40 hours for someone else. How do I know that I am are ready to assume such a responsibility?

King Sidharth simply answered my question with just one word; creativity. He said that he often likes to work on new creations and meet new people and work with them.

He also implicated that Entrepreneurship isn’t just about a person solely, but the people working with him. It requires the greatest of patience and understanding. I mean he is right, people differ! Half of the times I don’t see eye to eye with my friends about pizza toppings, let alone a business

Self-Branding According To King Sidharth

King of romance? Shah Rukh Khan. The hourglass body? Kim Kardashian. The designer with the cat? Karl Lagerfeld. Rap God? Eminem. All these are the ways to brand yourself. What makes you ‘Unique’ is what should be your brand. Your brand tells your story, your legacy and people
choose you for that. I do admire King Sidharth for his personal ‘Branding’.

King Sidharth taught me the most important lesson of owning up to who you are or who you have been regardless of how people may judge you. Don’t be afraid of being a trendsetter, you!

How To Sell Your Brand?

Being an economics student, I am going to review this in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). Snooze. Okay so you build a brand, you make a beautiful logo, you give your best shot to it Here your Marginal Efficiency of Investment (MEI) is 100% because yes if I make cupcakes, I did
give my 100% to it.

However, how do I get credit (ROI) for my investment (MEI), in relative as well as absolute terms? Do people want my cupcakes? How do I make them want my cupcakes and willingly pay for them? I mean I am all up for philanthropy but I got bills to pay!

King Sidharth said and I quote, “Brand is a promise. When you look at it, it is about what promise is given to the other person.” That hit.

His Majesty also recommended a couple of ideas like:

  1. Having pseudo names for your accounts.
  2. Creating a product which is different in many aspects if compared to the market.
  3. Finding the right audience.
  4. Being an evolutionary visionary; focusing not just on one main issue, but adapting if you
  5. Enabling change through your product.

Do Not Be Afraid Of The Unknown

King Sidharth talked about how we all are relentlessly resourceful, and we do have the capacity to invent and innovate. However, creativity is hampered when our creative curiosity is intimidated by the fear of the unknown.

King Sidharth swears by the phenomenon of maximizing experimentation and taking chances. He also talked about how fear is a rational cognitive response but if surrendered into can be our biggest hurdle.

Life is all about making good and bad choices, choices which shape you into your current personality. Self-Awareness is the key to your ‘Branding’ door. You won my respect with this one Your Majesty!

Surprises are DaWae Of Life

In the world of gilded gold, don’t be afraid to be a Sapphire. I must say, this was an insightful experience. What the episode 2 featuring King Sidharth of the DaWae podcast did was not make a podcast but a jigsaw puzzle with hidden keys.

These were just a few of them, but if you are interested in being ‘Gucci’ then don’t go to the store, just their Spotify Account.

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