When it comes to hair care, I am super particular. I fuss and obsess a bit too much about my hair care routine. Thanks to maa and grandma, who’ve been kind enough to oil my hair each Sunday. On Sundays, I only look forward to two things: Warm Oil Massages and Chole Bhature!

Since the last few Sundays, I have been using a new hair oil. This one is the Just Herbs Bhringraj Oil for hair. I started using this oil after my sister’s recommendation. She’s been in love with this brand since forever now.

After trying the Bhringraj oil out for a couple of Sundays, my hair’s quality has improved considerably. Earlier they were super frizzy and now they’ve become much more manageable. So yeah, I decided to pen down my obsession with this Oil in a blog so that you can try it out as well! Below is a detailed review of my experience and the oil:

Just Herbs Bhringraj Oil

About the Just Herbs Bhringraj Oil

The oil helps in treating scalp infections and hair fall.When used as a massage oil it helps to reduce stress,induce calm and promote sleep. It also stimulates blood circulation and provides nourishment to hair follicles
It also has anti inflammatory properties which helps to fight scalp issues like dandruff.

Some of the benefits of the Bhringraj oil are as follows:

•prevents graying and split ends
•improves texture of the hair
•provides volume and strength to the hair
•fights hair fall
•helps in hair growth
•promotes sound sleep

For me personally, the Just Herbs Bhringraj oil did wonders with making my hair more manageable and controlling my hair oil.

I massaged warm oil each Sunday and roamed around in pigtails like a little kid. The next morning I washed it off with a mild cleanser. I suggest you warm the oil up as well as it is much more calming and nourishing.

What Is It Made Of?

The ingredients of the Just Herbs Bhringraj oil are:

bhringraj, sariva, brahmi, amla* (emblica officianalis) ext., manjishtha* (rubia cordifolia) ext., nagarmotha, harad, baheda, kachur, lodhra, babchi, henna*, mandur, padmkashth, mulethi* (glycyrrhiza glabra), khareti, priangu, sandal, ashwagandha* (withania somnifera) ext., cold pressed extra virgin coconut (cocos nucifera) oil, cold pressed til tailum.

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Details About The Brand: Just Herbs

Just Herbs is a cruelty free Indian Herbal Skincare brand. Their products are rooted in tradition. The brand aims to make beauty inclusive, whole and transparent. Their products are certfied by Ministry of Ayush and are natural!

Personally, I completely align with their brand philosophy. With the media forcing down problematic beauty standards down everyone’s throats, inclusive and wholesome beauty is the need of the hour. We really need to redefine what beauty means to us and probably the best way is to start conversations around it. Supporting brands like Just Herbs is another way of being a part of the solution.

What Hair Types Is This Oil Suitable For?

The hair oil is suitable for all hair types.


It’s available on their official website and even @nykaa and @amazon

Final Verdict

If you have to ask me you MUST invest in Just Herbs Bhringraj hair oil by Just Herbs. After using it for a decent duration, it did help my hair. Just remember to be patient enough and take a good diet with it.

I mean my blog has pretty much summed up my love for the oil as it is. You and your hair deserve all the unadulterated goodness and love!

Sources: Just Herbs, Blogger Own Experience

Image Sources: Blogger’s Own

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