Why I Decided To Try The Intermittent Fasting 16-8 Cycle

We all are stuck at home because of the lockdown and about 45 days ago, I found myself unmotivated to exercise and without any energy throughout the day. All I did was watch shows on Netflix and binge-watch random Youtube videos at night. 

It was during one of these binge-watching sessions when I stumbled upon Ranveer Allahbadia’s video on Intermittent fasting on his Youtube channel, Beer Biceps. It’s a 15-minute long video where he explains the science behind Intermittent Fasting and talks about the benefits of following an Intermittent Fasting 16-8 cycle. 

Beer Biceps

I am someone who sadly gains weight way too easily and I thought that restricting the number of hours in which I am allowed to eat something would certainly keep a check on all the additional calories that I consume through all the late night snacks. So I took up the challenge of following the Intermittent Fasting 16-8 cycle for a month.

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What My Daily Routine Looked Like

My Intermittent Fasting 16-8 cycle was from 9pm till 1pm and I used to eat all my meals in the 8 hours between 1pm and 9pm. I used to wake up around 8am everyday and around 10am, I had a cup of black coffee or green tea almost regularly.

It is important to note that in Intermittent Fasting, water, black coffee and green tea without any sugar are allowed as these are stimulants and do not contain any calories.

Usually I would be working before 1 pm and my mind would always be busy, which is why I think I never really thought about food that much and could stay without eating anything till 1 pm.

My first meal at 1pm would be a bowl of freshly cut seasonal fruit. I chose this as my first meal because I did not want to eat anything heavy to break my fast and also because I planned on having lunch around 2. So I found that fruits worked as a good appetizer for me and this meal would used to set me up nicely for my 8 hour eating window.

Fruit Bowl

My evening snack was the only meal that I had full control over and something that I prepared for myself. 9/10 days it used to be a peanut butter banana sandwich with a cup of coffee. Lunch and dinner used to be whatever everyone else was eating at home.

My Meal Schedule:

Meal 1: Bowl of seasonal fruits @ 1 pm
Meal 2: Lunch @ 2:30 pm
Meal 3: Snacks @ 6 pm
Meal 4: Dinner @ 8:30 pm

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting 16-8 Cycle That I Personally Experienced

My Intermittent Fasting 16-8 history

I won’t tell you the general benefits that people all over the world might have experienced while following this cycle as everyone’s body reacts differently to fasting. Here’s a list of benefits that I personally experienced:

  • More energy throughout the day – This is one of the lesser known benefits of Intermittent Fasting and is something that I found most beneficial for me. When we constantly eat food throughout the day, our body uses energy to break down the food and digest it. However, with the Intermittent Fasting 16-8 cycle, when we don’t eat for a period of 16 hours, we give our body the much required break, giving us more energy for other work and our metabolism also increases.
  • Keeping my weight in check/minimal weight loss – Restricting the number of hours I was allowed to eat food eventually made me consume lesser number of calories throughout the day. This helped me keep my weight in check which was a blessing given that all the gyms were closed and are likely to remain closed in the near future.
  • Became more mindful of what i was eating throughout the day – Given that I was only eating for 8 hours, eating healthy became relatively easier. 4 meals out of which 2 were already pre-determined really restricted my chances of eating much unhealthy food. Although, if i’m being honest, I did sneak in a few cheat meals every week.


After following the Intermittent Fasting 16-8 cycle, I can see what all the fuss was about. It has numerous benefits and even after 30 days, I am still continuing with this diet and I really believe that everyone should definitely give it a shot as it can be life changing.

Let us know your experience with your Intermittent fasting cycle in the comments below!

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