Today’s troubled times need no introduction. Who would have thought that a disease would force countries to shut down in a manner that nobody ever imagined! 

Well, we may think that everyone in the country is sailing in the same boat, but that is not true. 

Our country is divided into different types in these times. One category consists of those who are bored in this lockdown and find ways to entertain themselves by indulging in some activities and posting them on social media.

The second is those, who are walking miles and miles without food, water, or anything and are suffering the most. And then, there is a third category of people who are trying to make things a little better for those who are the worst hit by this epidemic.

We’ve seen many celebrities like Sonu Sood, Vikas Khanna, and others who are doing their bit to help those in need. Without a doubt, they’re doing a great deed.

But then there are many unsung heroes who are working for the same cause, but since they are no celebrities their work isn’t mentioned anywhere. 

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It is important for people to come together in times like these to make a difference in the situation. That is exactly what happened in my neighbourhood. Mrs Sarika Gupta, Vice President of my sector’s RWA, holds the same post in an NGO called Udaan.

Staying very near to the Haryana-Delhi border, the highway near our home witnessed lakhs of migrant labourers on the move. Some had been walking for days without food, some were carrying children and some were really old to be covering long distances on foot but with nothing else in sight, they really didn’t have any other option.

It was Sarika Gupta and her team who took it on themselves to feed these migrants on the move.

Whatsapp has made communication easy these days. So their team sent out messages to different groups urging people to pack alu ki sabzi with either four puris or paranthas. Now social distancing also had to be taken care of, so they went from door to door collecting this packed food from around the sector. They had the needed support from our SHO, Mr Vinod Kumar Yadav. 

They did not just stop here, they graduated to the next step with their next WhatsApp message to the community. Now they asked people to either transfer money or donate dry ration for these people. So they got special ration kits made with the donations which consisted of five kg atta, half kg rice, one kg dal, half kg sugar, spices, and mustard oil in each kit. The kit was good enough to last for a week and a half. So after the food packs, the team distributed these to the people. 

With the effort and good intention of Team Udaan the community came together for a good cause and fed those, whose lives were disrupted the most by this virus. 

This team did not consist of any celebrity or star, maybe that is why they weren’t mentioned about anywhere. But, in my eyes every member of this team is a hero, who was on the roads, outside the comfort of their homes, making sure people were being fed. 

This community fed 500 families by coming together and working together. This is a great example of planning, execution, and teamwork.

I feel the situation hasn’t changed much since the time all this started. Be it the migrant labourers, our domestic help or the daily wage earners; they have been hit the worst by the Lockdown. Although the government is doing their bit for them, I urge you, that in whatever capacity possible do something for people that you know who were worst hit by this epidemic. You can do something on your own or follow the example of Udaan and work with your community. 

It doesn’ have to be something life-changing but should be enough to give you the feeling of contentment and happiness. 

Kar Ke Dekho, Acha Lagta Hai. 

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