A little over a month ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I encountered a Mandala Art creator for the first time. I glazed over it for a minute and found it so fascinating to see! I repeat it was fascinating TO SEE.

Then I gave my mind another minute to think that if it feels so surreal to see then what about the feeling that I’ll get when I’ll draw it. This prompted me to invest my time in trying my hand at Mandala Art. I have seldom seen my inner-self to be so mesmerized with art that it just nudged me to get up and draw. I had sheets, a black pen, a pencil and a compass to draw mine.

You might be unaware of what Mandala is. Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Circle’- A religious symbol. Circles have always been used to foster meditation, invoking positive energies, and in relieving stress in the Indian and Tibetan religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. The geometric patterns made inside of Mandala Art represent the cosmos metaphysically.

It represents that Everything Is Connected and Life Is Never Ending.

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If you too want to try your hand at creating your personal Mandala Art Design. Squat against an open window. Play spiritual songs along with it. You can try commencing the process by drawing a circle of any size that says 10 inches in diameter. Focus on your design and let your creativity flow without seeking perfection.

Mandala Art Design deserves to be accorded as ‘Meditation through Art’.

Initially, you might encounter some hurdles. You might even curse your choice of beginning to draw a Mandala Art Design. That’s where I advise you to not strain your nerve.

As soon as you keep on drawing, starting with one small circle accompanied by a bit bigger than the previous one and designing it with any pattern, you will start to exude relaxation and stress from your mind and body. Just like Chakras.

Mandala Art Design

This was my first Mandala Art Design from scratch. No colored books. No printed pages. You will feel this as a therapy thing when you will draw by your own self. It will enhance concentration, and hence, relieving stress.

My first Mandala Design was inspired by this Mandala Artist who runs an Instagram Account by the name of @dreamersartjourney

Your mandala is your sacred circle and it tells the world your story. A lot of patience and perseverance is required but do not abandon or falter.

When I first drew, I felt as if life was unhurried like all the five rivers flowing individually and then finally falling into Indus or Sindhu river. I never keenly felt of being confined to complete my Mandala Art Design.

It just kept me flowing naturally and that’s how I completed my first Mandala Art. It’s all about filling gaps.

Mandala Art

This was my second Mandala Art. It was remarkably soothing to make.

How Did It Make Me Connect To My Inner-self?

I started this with a spiritual song playing in the background. This indulged my mind and soul completely into it. This made me realized that it is not merely about the final picture that comes out. It is about the beauty of the journey!

Do you know? Buddhist monks used to spend a couple of hours creating Mandala Art Design by systematically arranging colored sand and swipe them away as soon as they are done with it.

And this is my recent design. There’s no turning back in not trying my hands on another one. Because in the end, you feel accomplished. You will end up spending a few minutes in gazing at it and preening your art.

How Do Mandalas Exactly Heal?

  • Creating a round symmetrical circle helps in promoting mindfulness, and focus.
  • Each pattern-making activity will engage your brain to start organizing that inner chaos and settling the feelings of stress and anxiety. 
  • Repetitive hand movement on pattern calls for calming the disturbed body and mind.
  • Perseverance implies increasing the meditative focus.

Advantageous To All Age Groups-

Sacred circles of Mandala Art have magical healing power for all age groups.

  • For children, it’s fun and focus- engaging.
  • For adults, it keeps hand occupied and works as therapy.
  • It has also been proved that cancer patients are cured with the help of drawing and coloring Mandala Art Design.

Here’s My Personal Favourite Mandala Artist’s Instagram Handle:

Do check out the following Instagram accounts for some major Mandala #inspo:

@_mandala_drawings, @mandalabybhagya @saudamini.madra, @pari.doodles, @_art_by_cloudy_, @lucid._.ink

I am not a Mandala Art artist. But this just made me a budding artist. It’s therapeutic. It’s engaging. It’s an art of centering yourself.

Let your instincts guide you. Enjoy it. Let your body relax. Because sometimes, it’s the little details that make all the difference.

Do let us know in the comments below how you are getting the most out of art therapy if you are trying your hand on it.

Image Source: Blogger’s Own, Pixabay

Source: verywellmind , Blogger’s Own

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