There has been a lockdown all over India for around 5 months now and as things are going on right now, with the country recording 60,000 COVID-19 positive cases everyday, things are not looking too good in terms of us being able to resume our normal lives. Whether we like it or not, masks have now become a necessity and it is important for us to wear masks not only to ensure our safety but also to ensure safety of our friends and family.

With masks becoming such an essential part of our lives, it does not make sense at all to wear single-use masks as they would cost a lot and are often made of low quality material which is anyway not a smart investment. What makes sense is to invest in a re-usable face mask that can washed and re-used according to your needs and requirements. Hemp Foundation has come up with just that and in addition to providing us with such great masks, they are also supporting the farmers in Uttarakhand.

Why Choose Hemp Masks?

Hemp Foundation face masks have a lot of good things for them and here’s a list of some reasons why you should choose hemp masks over other face masks available in the market:

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  • Hemp face masks are made from ethically source hemp that is grown organically by farmers of Uttarakhand.
  • The natural medicinal properties of hemp fabric make these masks safer than ordinary cloth or synthetic masks.
  • Hemp is naturally resistant to microbes and moth. 
  • Hemp Foundation claims to make masks that have more protective power than the other masks. 
  • These masks are made in India
  • They are re-usable
  • These masks are double-layered
  • These masks are available in different sizes and thickness

Hemp Foundation Face Masks Come In Various Sizes And Thickness

The Hemp Foundation Face Masks come in a number of different color options and three size options (S,M and L). A common problem that people face with masks is that the mask is either too little or too big for them and as a result of this misfit, the true purpose of wearing a mask is not served. Wearing a mask that does not fit your face perfectly means compromising on your safety. Hence, it is truly amazing that Hemp Foundation offers these masks in different sizes but one size does not fit all. You have the option of picking your mask from these 3 available sizes as per your face shape. In addition to this, Hemp Foundation goes one step further to ensure their customer’s safety by offering these face masks with different thicknesses as per the customer’s use and offers options of masks that have filters in them.

Hemp Foundation

How To Order The Hemp Foundation Face Masks

If you are interested in purchasing the Hemp Foundation face masks then you can get in touch with the amazing team at Hemp Foundation. They give you the choice of placing bulk order as per your needs.

You can check out the product and its features in detail on Hemp Foundation’s Facebook and Instagram Page.

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