By: Abhishek S Sheth

What is product marketing without a value? And what is tangible if it holds no value? The answer is simple. We call it a brand when it resonates value with its offerings. In a typical market set-up, what one always looks for is value through offerings.

I grew up learning the nitty-gritty of pushing an offering to the customer that beholds value. This was possible from possessing a keen observational skill in everything minute.

What Is Product Marketing?

It isn’t about wonderful packaging at first, neither is it about the price on the incidence and nor is it about the availability at the moment. “I could travel miles just to have my favourite Masala Tea from the village-side vendor.

Tea With Ginger and mint

“ Product Marketing begins with a strong brand and thus resonates only with valuable offerings. The simplest desires are fulfilled by greatest offerings.

From ages, it has been a misconception in the minds of many marketers about how product marketing pertains to flashy packaging more than a product’s core value.

A classic example would be the failure of the former Pepsico’s Pepsi Blue- A great visual appeal but a zero consumption value in the minds of cola lovers.

Coke: Product Marketing For Generation Z

I have been a passionate salesman in my life who believes in developing, illustrating and retaining consumer interest towards likeable products and services.

I firmly believe that what is perceivably enticing must also hold a valuable experience for the consumer. And this sums up the entire meaning, benefits and the premise for succeeding in carrying out a great product marketing activity.

Recognize, Re-engage And Retain Your Customers

Well, now that you know the benefits of product marketing, it is essential we delve into the depths of a marketing mind that can help you pursue the same.

The three R’s of having a successful product marketed are- recognize, re-engage and retain. The recognition of interest or the identification of need is the first step towards planning the marketing activity.

It is quintessential that a marketer realises the core benefit its products or services can deliver. This realisation is far-fetched and escalates the need to want, very timely with a consumer.

Consumer re-engagement comes along with not just discounts and offers but with great after-sales service and longing experiences that come attached to the brand’s deliverables. Sometimes it is not just about the utility but the feeling it brings to you when you consume a product.

It won’t be amusing to mention but most of us are missing our favourite food-joints, regular hangout spots and daily routines amidst this Pandemic and lockdown.

The point to note here is not the change in lifestyle but the attachment we carry with our lives daily. Such is the impact of a successful product marketing as well.

A great product is one that delivers value which is lasting irrespective of change in lifestyle, shifts in consumption patterns and also favourability as a part of other qualitative factors

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Consumer retention is the last step in product marketing. It is important to note that the process of product marketing is all-pervasive in the entire consumption process and is carried out throughout the life cycle of the product’s realisation, re-engagement and retention in the minds of the mass.

Product Marketing For The Gen Z

New age consumers are active buyers, are prejudiced against lowly marketed products and have a small attention span. It is important to understand that a short-lived attention span is both a pro and a con for new-age marketers.

An apt advertisement can bring in a million sales in eight seconds and a misleading one can drop the same.

Generation Z and the millennials are seekers of pleasure and experiences more than the utility and benefits.

Use of audio-visual content, engagement campaigns and momentary use of current ongoing trivia is a major input for a well-driven product marketing.

It is essential to understand how Gen Z forms a great chunk of loyal and trusted consumers.

Aesthetics For Gen Z

There is more than what meets the eye when a Gen Z consumer likes a product. It accounts for its aesthetic appeal, perceivable experience, predictable benefits, foreseeable outcomes and measurable likeness ‒ all at the time of purchase.

The probability of understanding the three R’s in the case of a Gen Z is likely higher than that of other consumer categories. This is because here the tangibility of a value-add in a product is much more lucid than ever!

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If we can’t monetise our passion and channelise our dreams into a reality, then what use is it ous to possess a vast knowledge? If one cannot measure its own skill and value, a consumer who receives a product of it can never value it better. Sell yourself before you’ve been bid-out! My name is Abhishek S Sheth and I am a passionate salesman.

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