By: Vidisha Kedia

Author’s Intro: I’m currently studying a combination of communication studies and psychology. I’ve always loved writing as it lets me pour out my emotions. I spend a lot of time painting too as I love playing with textures and tones. I feel strongly about mental health and recently started a page with my friend to raise awareness about the same and other social issues. I think I’m a joker while my friends think I’m a joke. 

Link to my page : @break.thestereotype

Are you bored in the house and in the house bored? 

This lockdown has left a lot of us with so much time and nothing to do. We can look at this is an amazing opportunity to learn something new. What are a few things you can do during a lockdown to make this situation fun?

1. Playing with colours and tones

I have spent a lot of my time painting during this lockdown. Painting to me is an extremely relaxing activity. Since the task involves a lot of patience and precision it could take a few hours to accomplish. This way you would be occupied and doing something fun at the same time. Pick up a scenery and try replicating it. Look at a portrait of mom and dad and try painting it. I did and it turned out to be so cartoony but they absolutely loved it. 

Watercolor Painting: Things To Do During A Lockdown

2. Spice up your life

Head to the kitchen, look up your favourite dishes and try cooking them. Now when I said Spice it up, I did indeed mean it. Cooking would not only keep your mind occupied but your body too. You wouldn’t have to eat the same old boring dal chawal everyday if you learnt how to cook your favourite spaghetti alfredo.

Can you imagine having your favourite food every day without spending a penny on take away? I can because I learned how to cook. You should try it too!

3. Noise? No. Music? Yes.

Pick up an instrument just lying untouched at home and try learning how to play it. Now don’t just pick up the guitar and string it and bang it and disturb your family. Sign up for an online course or take YouTube lessons and learn how to actually play it. Create music and not noise. Please. 

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4. Earn the certificate

Due to the lockdown, many many reputed universities all over the world are offering online courses at a minimal cost. You have to sign up for the course, complete the course material on time and then pay for the certificate. Knowledge is power and I think it’s important for everyone to make use of this time and build their knowledge. So, what are you waiting for? Go Register. 


Use this time to connect with your family and friends. Plan fun zoom calls and play games together. I myself have been playing housie with my family over the weekends and all of us look forward to this the most. It not only keeps us connected but also makes us feel so happy. Make it a point to hit up your loved ones. It’ll make both of you feel better. 

This is what I have been up to. My days just go so fast as I always have something to do. Sitting idle can get exhausting and it might start making you feel useless. Keep your mind occupied. Move your body. Do not just let the clock tik-tok away. On that note, no matter how bored you are please do not make tik-toks. I hope you stay healthy, happy, and hip. 

Image Sources: Pixabay

Sources: Author’s Own Experience

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