You might have heard that every individual has their own personality traits responding to every action and reaction and you definitely have felt as well. Netizens nowadays are browsing more about personality development tips and tricks, especially during this deadly corona-infused lockdown. And being a part of netizens, I was introduced with an app called ‘Masterlife’ from one of my friends.

The team of Masterlife is here to teleport you gradually to most prime aspects that an individual’s personality needs in their life to gain confidence, satisfaction, and high self-esteem.

As it is said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

What Masterlife App Is All About?

Masterlife App is a personality development app that is definitely going to change your life drastically. It is something that will assist you in mastering your life through below mentioned 8 aspects as a ‘step by step tool’ in strengthening these areas:

Meet yourself everyday with them and you will cherish each minute spent.

How Masterlife App Exactly Helps?

It is pertinent to notice that personality does not get develop in one day. It happens over time. Taking this into consideration, they will help you in enhancing the typical characteristics and attributes of your personality through below-mentioned programs to get a better insight into one’s overall personality:

  • Questionnaire for your assessment
  • A Master with his expertise
  • Well explained self-paced and community programs
  • Book Deconstructions
  • Life-skill Videos

(Personal Experience) The set of questionnaire here for your assessment is one of the most crucial steps to execute as it will make you realize ins and outs of your own personality that you might not be aware prior to that. This would help you in making a room somewhere in your uncontrolled head in strengthening your weak areas.

What Are The Courses Offered By The Masterlife App?

Masterlife App

Courses offered by Masterlife App are a complete package of satisfaction blended with a feeling of confidence and higher self-esteem in the end.

The Course duration is of 30 days. They say, “A Newer You in Every 30 Days”. They keep a track of daily modules to fill. They monitor the progress daily. They have set up ample courses apropos of your needs.

 It will give you a sense of achievement the moment you will complete your day’s module.

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The courses that were beneficial for me were:

  • Get yoga fit in 30 days(literally helped)
  • Improving mental health in 30 days
  • How to be a power networker in 30 days

How Can I Access Masterlife App?

Apple Store Here

Play store Here

What Is My Take On The Masterlife App?

I would definitely send you the word that this Masterlife App is magical in true sense. I’ve just registered in the course so I can’t share a long term review but I love the journey so far and I’d like to be a part of more courses as I move forward in the journey of mastering my life.

Initially, I packed off the Masterlife App but its daily courses made me curious to start it another morning. My score was 85 which was considered average and the Masterlife App suggested me personalized course list that I would help me in achieving myself better.

I have registered myself in the course to lose some weight. I’ll be waiting for its after-effects as I slowly and steadily progress in the course until 30 days as the app is on its scale in adding and improving the courses.

I would highly recommend you spare a few minutes from your daily drill and make hay while the sunshine. It will be worth it!

I will not hold forth much about it. Because I am leaving that part on you to go on and hunt for their life-changing courses on this most effective Masterlife App especially during this pandemic which has brought the whole world to its knees.

Disclaimer: This App Review is not sponsored and my opinions about Masterlife are honest and the views are my own after going through the App. They’re not influenced in any way and are true to the best of my knowledge

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