“It’s the foremost duty of the women to rear children and serve families, they cannot be out at odd times or all times, women have no right to speak, they are not intellectual enough to take decision” women can be treated as morons, sex objects, worthless, burden and even a commodity but not equal to men and at times not even human beings.

All these are small part of the biased ocean where women live in. All these struggles are so normalized for that no one ever questions the men.

Every such act needs to be questioned

Patriarchy! We have not only heard a lot about it, but we actually have lived it, felt it and suffered from it.

Yes, whole Indian society works upon Patriarchal Structure where men are superior to women and have all rights to control women’s lives because apparently men know better than women.

All About Dalit Feminism

Interestingly, I came across a post on Instagram about “Dalit Feminism”. It really caught my attention and I ended up reading about it.

I already had many complaints with our caste system,which not only divides the society but also promotes discrimination among people. So when I came across this further division, I was furious.

As we all know our society is divided into 4 castes but 2 divisions are the most discussed which are the superior ones: Brahmans and the lowest ones: Dalits.

Accordingly, Brahminical Patriarchy is observed among the Brahminical division and Dalit patriarchy among Dalit division.

Brahminical Patriarchy: The Superior Patriarchy

Superior most caste of Indian society

Male brahmans are considered superior to brahman females as the key feature of patriarchy. But males have all rights to have any kind of relationships with women of any division. They can do it, they are Lords of human race.

But if women do so then there is a huge blunder! They simply put a LANCHAN on their family even by having a female friend of other division, think about if they fall in love with a guy of Dalit community. Not less than a nightmare for them.

Dalit Patriarchy

Dalits, the most discriminated ones

Dalit Patriarchy and Brahmanical Patriarchy have a lot in common. If Dalit men have a relationship with brahman women then they boastfully tell about it and feel so proud but if any Dalit female dares to make any Brahman friend she crosses her limits.

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And of course, LANCHAN concept applies to every woman in India. Undoubtedly, Dalit women suffer the most in the society, even their own community adds up to their struggles.

Here men suffer from upper class men and discrimination and to satisfy their egos and feel superior they practice patriarchy.

Dalit Feminism Also Exists

Source: Internet

Few months back when I was going to my college some rally of women was going on. So I approached them to know about the reason behind it.

It was an association of Dalit women fighting for their own rights. Dalit Feminism aims at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities for Dalit women.

Dalit Feminist counterparts seek gender equality, at-least in their community.

Dalit feminism emerged due to the existing Dalit patriarchy and Brahminical patriarchy or general patriarchy in the society.

Patriarchy in general considers women as nothing and when the most vulnerable section of the society whose men and women suffer the most in the society by upper class people start practising patriarchy among their own community i.e., Dalit Patriarchy then their female counterparts’ lives become none other than the hell.

Say No To Patriarchy

Dalit feminism came out as a movement against all sort of Brahmanical patriarchy where dalit women are seen as sex objects most of the time because they are DALITS and against Dalit patriarchy where dalit women are considered to satisfy male ego and feel superior after feeling pathetic by others.

Brainstorming Session

Ask yourself these questions and try to act forward to get their answers.

Everyone is equal and should be treated as HUMAN

• Why such situations arise resulting in feminist movements.?

• What’s the need of gender superiority?

• Why cannot every human being live their lives on their own terms? What’s the need to control anyone’s lives.?

• Is it too difficult to trust our daughters and wives that they can lead their own life? Why we try to always protect them.? Why can’t they have their own experiences and learn from them.?

• What’s the need of communal divisions? Why can’t we consider every human being as just a HUMAN?

Let’s take a pledge to make this world a better place to live for every living beings. Let’s say no to hatred and selfish motives and welcome equality, love and kindness.

Sources: Instagram, Indian Express

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