What Is The Cottage Core Aesthetic All About?

Imagine yourself sitting on a checkered red and white mat, sipping on warm lemon and honey tea in a vintage teacup and watching the sunset, cherishing every moment of the life you’ve mindfully chosen to live. I am sure this fills your heart with as much peace as it fills mine, even if your choice of beverage is different.

If this idea fills your soul, then maybe you should embrace the cottage core aesthetic. This aesthetic has seemingly become viral among the internet users especially those on TikTok since March. Endless teenagers are wanting to embrace it as it somehow seems like an escape from the capitalist miseries of the world.

The aesthetic is all about the romanticizing the agricultural life or a life that is lived simply and slowly in harmony with nature. It glamorizes a life where almost everything is done by oneself, such as fresh fruits are grown in the backyard and bread is baked golden at home. All these processes are time taking and don’t match the capitalist version of an ideal life.

Cottage Core Aesthetic

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From Chaos To Calm…

Cottage core aesthetic focuses on slowing down the fast-paced life that most beings live today. We are certainly living in chaotic times and more than often we forget to slow down to enjoy the little things in life.

Most of us measure and define ourselves by our productive hours and center our whole beings around work. This just makes us hard on ourselves whereas the cottage core movement is all about being gentle and kind to ourselves. It is about being kind to ourselves and the world. In fact, if there’s anything you owe to the universe, it is kindness.

Embracing this aesthetic can help you become a more grounded version of you and that is exactly why you should adopt it.

Bring The Cottage Core Aesthetic To Your Home…

I completely understand how leaving the city and moving away to faraway dreamlands where the fruits are always fresh and the air easier on the lungs, not possible for everyone. But what if you build your own version of this aesthetic at home itself.

You could choose to slow down in life and not rush like others. I personally am a big advocate of living simply too. There’s nothing better than slow walks in the parks, the aroma of fresh ginger and mint tea or just hearing the birds chirping. No joy greater than writing letters to your loved ones and planning picnics with them.

Living at your own pace will certainly free you from the shackles of the capitalist world and allow you to truly be yourself.

I have listed below a couple of things you would like to look at in order to incorporate the aesthetic in your life.

Things That Embody The Cottage Core Aesthetic

Here’s a list of things that embody the cottage core aesthetic:

  1. Strawberries and Tea
  2. Vintage Tea Sets
  3. Baby Cows
  4. Hardcover Poetry Books
  5. Dainty Flowers
  6. Floral Prints
  7. Watercolours
  8. Baking Cakes and Bread
  9. Fairy Houses
  10. Indoor Plants
  11. Warm toasts smeared with fresh jam
  12. Cross stitch and embroidery
  13. Late afternoon picnics

If I had to personify the aesthetic, the person that best fits definitely has to be Hozier. Everything about the musician shouts Cottage Core.

Cottage Core Aesthetic Colors:

The colours green, brown, yellow, cream/off-white are basically what the aesthetic comprises of. So if you are planning to decorate a cosy corner in your house or re-doing your room, you must consider these colours. The colours are also to be kept in mind when planning out outfits that match the vibe.

Outfits To Match The Vibe:

Sundresses, Loose Clothes, Overalls, Dungarees, Ruffles, Light Colors, Button Blouses, Natural Colors, Knitted accessories are a great idea to include in your wardrobe if you want some cottage core aesthetic to your clothes.

My Favourite Cottage Core Instagrams:

Do check out the following Instagram accounts for some major cottage core aesthetic inspiration: @goblinsandfairies @sweetnspicegirl @daryadarcy @thekindredstardust

You can also check out Tumblr and Pinterest for more resources.

Do let me know in the comments below if the cottage core aesthetic is your thing.

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