Quarantine Birthday: Lonely Cat

You jump out of your bed with excitement and look forward to the day. Your mother has prepared fluffy bhatooras dripping in love and oil for breakfast.

Your grandfather tells you about all the calls you’ve missed on the landline and your grandma is praying for your longevity since morning. Your Papa tells you to have a bath and put on new clothes but taking a bath early is out of the question for the day…after all, it’s your ninth birthday.

Birthday in quarantine

You wake up and you’re twenty…another number, another year closer to the end. Excitement about your birthday doesn’t hit you the same anymore. In fact, with each passing year, you dread birthdays even more.

You party all day, dance till you pass out and wish for the birthday to end. By the next morning, a sense of accomplishment fills you. Yay! You’ve survived another birthday.

Birthday In Quarantine

But this year is different, it seems like the apocalypse has hit us and you have no clue on how to go about your birthday in quarantine. In fact, now you have a substantial reason to treat it like any other day.

But you shouldn’t. The world may be ending but that is no reason to not make the most out of our numbered days on the planet. You have every reason to celebrate your birthday in quarantine.

I know celebrating your birthday in quarantine doesn’t sound like an exciting idea at all. You surely can’t see your friends or host parties that will live up to Instagram standards. You have to stay at home with your parents and booze is a no-no. The only thing you’ll probably get to drink will be Roohafza.

But if you look at it, you’ve been teleported to simpler times. You no longer need to worry about the venue or a guest list. You don’t have to treat anyone but yourself.

So, if you have your birthday in quarantine, I made you a survival kit. I hope it brings your comfort.

Pyjamas Are Forgiving

On your birthday morning, slip into the most comfortable pair of pyjamas that you can find, post a relaxing bath. You can put on a cotton tee to match with it. Voila! Your birthday outfit is ready.

No Chore Day

Wow, you officially to get to laze around like a cat. An off from the household chores! Is there any better gift that you could’ve possibly wished for?

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Snack All Day

Tell your parents all you wish to eat and a lavish meal will be set. Keep snacking on the savouries all day. Your family may even surprise you with a pressure cooker cake and imagine you get to have it all by yourself.

Birthday Snacking

Host A Virtual Party

Towards the afternoon, video call your closest friends and have a virtual celebration. A hearty chat with inside jokes will do you good. You may even play online games with them if you want to or just gossip. Raise a cup of tea to the day with your friends on the other side.

Cherish Old Albums

Spend your evening having tea and going through old albums with your family. Put on some Kishore Da and feel all the nostalgia as you munch on those rusks and Marie biscuits.

Choose To Give Back

If you can, do make a online donation to a fund. It will make you happy on the inside. You can even ask your friends to contribute to a particular fund as your birthday gift.

Ending The Day…

A movie or a book will be the perfect way to end your birthday in quarantine. You can watch it by yourself or ask your family to accompany you. Make yourself some popcorn and dim the lights to get the cinema vibes. I am sure a good watch will keep your soul full.

Do let me know if this survival guide helped you celebrate your birthday in quarantine in the comments below.

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