I let a deep breath out and begin jabbing at the keyboard, with hands not so soft anymore, all hail the copious amount of sanitizer; and nails which are undone. I am once again a girl who is unfamiliar with skincare routines or any routine in general. Well, I couldn’t care any less about this as I was busy baking during the lockdown. I no longer pick the mighty pen or my laptop to send out job applications or pursue online courses to enhance my resume. A balloon whisk is my new weapon now and with it, I plan to conquer the world.

All of my social media accounts are filled with posts from people who have the same weapon as I. Everyone is baking way too much during the lockdown, be it cakes or bread; especially banana bread.

There’s definitely something about the pandemic that signals humans to pick up baking during the lockdown.

Baking During The Lockdown Keeps One Grounded!

Trying new recipes requires people to immerse fully in the process… One has to be absorbed in the process and be very specific with the ingredients. You can’t mistake a teaspoon with a tablespoon and expect the results to be the same. You’ve to follow the process at hand and not think of anything else if you don’t want an oven disaster.

I truly think people are their most nurturing selves when they bake or try out a new elaborate recipe. Baking during the lockdown surely keeps people sane as it helps take their minds off the worldly worries.

I mean how does one ponder existential questions when their mind is preoccupied with figuring out the right amount of vanilla essence?

The joy of creating something beyond oneself outweighs the sadness that comes from living in uncertain times like these. Hence, it is only natural for people to pick up their sieves and whisks and undertake baking during the lockdown.

Warm Hugs Come In The Form Of Bread…

Jesus Crust! Is there anything better than freshly baked carbs on a sad day? The gooey cake hits different when one is feeling low. A spoonful of some toothsome chocolate mug cake can literally help one get through the day.

On days one is feeling the blues, picking up recipes that one is familiar with and cherishing their favourite comfort food feels like a warm hug. Also, all of one’s creations help keep cravings in check.

Baking During The Lockdown

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Baking Provides A Sense Of Community…

I know I am not the only one with the whisk, it is an entire army of people over the internet whisking their worries away. All the Instagram Baking pages and Facebook groups dedicated to baking provide a sense of community to one during the lockdown.

Sour dough bread

All Our Creations Give Us Hope Of A Butter Tomorrow!

The recipes home bakers try, don’t always come out perfect. Baking is definitely not the easiest of things to do, but once you get the temperature right and figure out the right amount of ingredients, nothing can stop you from conquering the world.

One’s failed endeavours only remind one to be calm and carry on. Better crusts and days will come to one only if one keeps patience and persevere enough.

Baking During The Lockdown:  Homemade Garlic Bread
Breaking Bread

P.S. I am truly grateful to be privileged enough to have the ingredients on me and the mental space to experiment with baking during the lockdown.

Are you enjoying baking during the lockdown too? Let me know some of the recipes you tried during this period in the comments below.

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