Ads on my mind

The one thing I knew when the lockdown started was that I am not going to let boredumb hit me. “Spend 10000 hours and you become an expert in your area of passionate interest”. Well, for me it was Marketing so I started up-skilling myself by enrolling into several courses, reading blogs and watching YouTube videos.

Somehow, doing all this still didn’t feel enough and thus my internal urge to delve in more, apply my skills and share it with the world pushed me a little more. I spent hours scrolling through MOM’s page, following popular marketers and understanding what marketing is in the real world. This also helped me understand how people perceive marketing.

Yes! Ads were literally all over my mind and that’s when I decided to share my learnings with the rest of the world. With multiple options at my disposal- Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Podcasting, I chose to go with the first considering it a right fit to explore my target audience.

What Is Ads On My Mind All About?

As simple as I named my blog, the deeper are its insights. Readers love the content and I am always overwhelmed with the response I receive on my moment-marketing content. Having a glance at ‘Ads on My Mind’ will lead you to exploring some very insightful content, while relishing the excitement of savoring interesting facts.

Ads on my mind

The page is a culmination of popular brand strategies, enticing ads and enlightening outcomes of major industrial changes with respect to marketing adopted by expert solutions’ companies. It is a classic example of how content is driven by audience, viewership and sharing of liked information.

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I am grateful for all my learnings so far and the page is here to stay as long as the legacy of major brand ads continue to admire, aspire and inspire billions.

What Is My Approach?

The key to success in any field is constant learning. This learning process can only be facilitated if you are extremely passionate about something and you are ready to go all out. There is no room for excuses and procrastination.

Ads on my mind

Having said that, my strategy is pretty simple and involves basic skills such as consistency, patience and networking followed by valuable and unique content. One more very important aspect which people tend to ignore is testing and feedback. Every week I make it a point to research, test different types of content, timings, templates, Instagram tools to find what works best for my page.

It’s not necessary that if it has worked for someone else, it will work for you as well. Apart from these strategies, I also keep a close eye on my competitors and engage with like-minded people every single day because social media is all about connecting.

Always Remember, every drop counts in the ocean and every effort can spark an initiation.

Intrigued By The Idea?

Start your own blog today before you choose to procrastinate further. Life might give you many chances to succeed. But even more than the success, the journey itself counts. The effort and the goals count, the people and its likers count.

A page needn’t have a million followers, but a few lovers of the content goes on to be huge one day. The very mindset of having such an approach towards building awareness via a brand is the first step towards making it huge. So what are you waiting for? Check Ads on My Mind to read the story here after.  Also, Learn, imbibe and spread the message.

Let us know about your stories in the comment section below. We would love to hear about them.

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