The other day I was sitting in my garden and instantly it reminded me of my grandma. I realized that I held a sentimental attachment to my garden.

As a child, my grandma and I used to spend a lot of time in gardening. She so wonderfully raised and nourished the Plants in our garden that now they bloom as if they were the happiest ones on the Earth. Eating delicacies from our home-based farm became a ritual. It was one of my favorite times I cherish with her.

While my grandmother, maybe far gone, the legacy she left behind will forever stay with me. Here are a few takeaways from those little parcels of joy:

Here are some lessons which can be valuable:

  1. Practice self care

One thing that I’ve learned about Plants is that while they can be very tough to handle, they are also extremely delicate. Particularly when the seasons are changing, you barely touch them and their leaves and flowers begin to fall out.

We even go through this transition and become more sensitive. Life begins to fall apart and everything that we know suddenly gets thrown upside down.  It’s essential to be soft on yourself and take things slow. 

Without the right balance of sunlight, nutrient-rich soil, and water, Plants may stop growing. Likewise, make sure that you’re getting the nourishment in order to blossom.

 2. Let go

Every experienced gardener knows that snipping off certain Plants is necessary in order for them to grow fully. At first, it may seem like a setback but it will eventually help the plant reach its potential. 

Sometimes losing an old job or starting a difficult conversation can seem impossible, but perhaps that’s what you need in order to come back stronger. 

Surrendering control when something fails or even just recognizing the process of failure is really significant. It’s okay to give up if it’s no longer serving you. Trying is important.

3. Be gentle

Jasmine is a beautiful white flower that blooms only at night and during the day it hides its petals inside a small green bud. It’s so easy to see someone and form an opinion, but the truth is always deep in the roots and you never know how deep a person’s roots go.

You can’t look at someone and judge the struggles they might be going through.

Plants are thoughtful and inspiring. We must take inspiration from them. They are full of life, so, let’s start living our lives the way they do.

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4. You, do you

Plants never allow themselves to be the victims, they define themselves. One might thrive in intense sunshine without being watered while others need more shade and lots of water. 

The reason why we wrangle with self-doubt is that we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s climax reel. But the truth is, you are uniquely you and that is perfect!

“Don’t compare yourself to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.”- Regina Brett

5. Little by little

Plants, at first, are just tiny seeds and then eventually bloom into beautiful flowers. They evolve and adapt through various seasons. It’s hard to notice the changes every day, but after a period of time, you begin to see it grow.

Everyone has their own unique journey and the pace in which they go. Progress is still progress even if takes you longer than others. Appreciate your tiny victories because small growth is still growth.

It’s so satisfying to watch something grow from nothing to something.


6. Self love

Having a garden with all the same Plants would be so dull.

They know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and thus, doesn’t need any validation of other plants to be accepted. They’re happy, fulfilling the purpose they’re meant to do. 

There’s something about digging in the dirt and raising Plants that helps my soul come to rest and makes me feel alive inside.

Every person is different, and they each have something unique to offer. Accepting and embracing your own beauty is what we can learn from Plants.

7. Spreading the joy

Even though, Plants can’t speak or move places that don’t stop them from delivering joys. They oscillate the wind, enhance beauty, especially during the spring season and even bestow with nostalgia. They accept everything they are and everything they’re meant to be.

Problems and trials are an ineluctable piece of life, but this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying happy moments with the people that matter to us. Plants teach us how to be grateful and appreciate the positive things in life.

8. Add value

Plants provide people with so many benefits such as victualling, curing, air filtering, and even easing the tension.

What are we doing to add value to the lives of those around us? It doesn’t require much to improve someone else’s day.

You should speak kind, encouraging, and uplifting words to those you talk with.

Sometimes, just being present on the front lines for the people can mean the world to them.

What are you waiting for?

Planting Plants acts as therapy when you are upset or just wish to chill out from a stressful day. Plants do wonders for your physical health and it also helps to improve your mental well-being.

Every moment we spend with them offers the opportunity to find about ourselves and the world we live in.

Sit with your Plants and appreciate the wonders of it. Talk your heart out and listen to the whispering of leaves. From there, you might be able to find the answers to what change do you need.

If you don’t have a houseplant, what are you waiting for? Buy one and share your journey of valuable lessons.

Image source: Pixabay

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