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When we’re all 17-18 year old, we get hit with the daunting task of finding a good college for ourselves. A college that would (as we thought at that time) help us in achieving our career goals and would also be fun to attend at the same time. But there are a lot of things that one considers before picking the best college for themselves and the location of the college is certainly one of those questions.

Should I move out to a new city or should I stay at home with my parents?The latter is certainly the more comfortable option out of the two choices, but there is a keeda inside all of us that wants to move out and explore the world on our own.

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I got the opportunity of moving to Bangalore to pursue my undergraduate degree in BBA from Christ University three years ago.

As a normal 18-year-old back in 2017, I had always lived with my parents and had a fairly comfortable lifestyle where I got everything and anything I could possibly ask for and when I moved to Bangalore, it was a whole new world for me.

In my 3 years of living away from my family in Bangalore, I learnt and experienced the following things.

#1 You’ll Understand What Freedom Really Is


Living with our parents, even though we have some sort of freedom to do things as we wish to but it is never really absolute freedom to do whatever and whenever we want as we always have to seek their permission before doing anything.

But when you’re living alone, you are your own boss and have the freedom to do literally anything that you fancy.

#2 You’ll start appreciating the small things in life

It might sound like a cliche but when you move out to a new city, you definitely start missing your family and specially the home cooked meals that you get served at the comfort of your bed.

Ordering food online 3 times a day seems like a cool idea at first but it doesn’t take long for your favorite restaurant’s food to become boring.

#3 You’ll learn how to live on a budget


Every college student will tell you stories about how they spent 75% of their monthly budget in the first few days of the month and had to live off of Maggi and hostel meals for the rest of the month.

When you find yourself asking ‘FIR PAISE KHATAM KAISE HO GAYE YAAR’ every month, you promise yourself to spend the money more wisely in the future and it teaches you how to handle money and soon you become more efficient in your spending.

#4 You’ll get the real college life experience

No movie about college life shows a group of students living with their parents. It is almost always about students living in hostels and about how they go about their daily lives. I’m not discounting the experience day scholars have in college but it is certainly a long way off of what hostelers experience, finding their way in life without the guidance of their parents.

#5 You’ll realise how you really are as a person


For a lot of people being alone in a room for 2 days without any social interaction might seem to be a daunting task while for some it might be ideal and something that they want in their life to recharge their batteries. But how can you realize what kind of person you are? Certainly not by living with your family where you do not have that kind of independence to decide that you need a couple of days off just to find some inner peace.

You’ll realize how you like spending your weekends, you’ll understand your own personality better and most importantly, you’ll realize what’s important for you in your life.

What do you think is better, studying in a college in your own city or moving out to a new city? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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