Instagram Trends During Corona: Dalgona Coffee

The lockdown due to the corona pandemic has caused everyone to have too much time on their hands. We have too much of this greatest resource and we are constantly wondering on what to do with it. I bet you too have read several articles on ‘What To Do During Lockdown’ or ‘ Things You Can Do To Kill Time At Home’ and have come across the ‘Quarantine Starter Pack’. The internet is also filled with self-help articles which promise to transform your life in 21 days.

The average 21st-century human being, away from the worldly distractions has suddenly become a victim of introspection, constantly wondering about his/her true purpose.

Speaking from an existential nihilistic perspective, the answer to that question is nothing. Humans have no purpose, nothing matters and in the end, we all die. But we sure can distract our brains from existential questions of life by participating in dumb Instagram trends during corona to carry on with life.

Hence, I made you a dumb list of Instagram trends during corona that you can be a part of at your own risk. Please participate and save none of your internet friends the misery.

Here’s a list of 10 Cringe Instagram Trends during Corona

1. Dalgona Coffee: Don’t even get me started on the Dalgona Coffee. It deserves the most cringe Instagram trend during corona award.

I mean we Indians have been making coffee like this since time immemorial and suddenly it earned itself an elite name and went viral. I swear another picture of Dalgona coffee and I am going on a caffeine detox.

Instagram Trends During Corona: Dalgona Coffee

2. Bingo Challenges: If you really want to play Bingo, please go play it with your family. I promise they won’t kill you. To all those who’ve nominated me to participate in such challenges, I nominate you all to stop.

3. Video Call Screenshots: Susan, I know you have the biggest group of friends and the most happening social life ever, but please stop posting screenshots of your video calls. This is definitely the kind of FOMO your followers don’t want to feel.

4. Sky Pictures: The sky is clear and you wish they were here. I know, the weather has been great but please don’t upload a sky picture with a Prateek Kuhud song playing in the background. It really makes me miss all the hypothetical boys I have ever loved.

Instagram Trends During Corona: Sky Pictures

Confession-I participated in this Instagram trend during corona lockdown too; can’t help being a nature lover now. #suckerforclearskies

5. Watching Money Heist: Keeping up with Netflix’s suggestions and posting about it online doesn’t make you a cool person. Nobody cares that your favourite song is Bella Ciao.

6.Ludo With Long Lost Friends: The biggest victory isn’t winning Ludo King. I repeat, Ludo King will take you nowhere, just listen to your mom and do the dishes. Also, all the boys who’ve been sending creepy messages to strangers while playing, god shall never forgive.

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7. Making Momos and Golgappas: Please stop making your internet friends crave these delicacies. I know you all can’t live without the spice in your life, but you need to stop thinking of yourself as Gordon Ramsay. Also, fancy plating and garnishing are not required for.

Instagram Trends During Corona: Momos

8. Modi Tasks: Mitron, we are not celebrating corona virus. Please don’t make it stay by holding Ram concerts or bursting crackers. Don’t defeat the entire purpose of the tasks given by Big Boss. Don’t do them just for the gram.

9. Workout From Home Pictures: I know you all aspire to be Instagram models, but stop uploading workout from home pictures. Please do something without announcing it on the internet. Um, Why Have Abs When You Can Have Kebabs?

10.Work From Home Memes: You gotta agree, everyone went overboard with the work from home memes. I know the internet connection is bad and you absolutely have nothing to do except for making memes, but the internet has no dearth of them.

In the comments below, Do let me know about more cringe Instagram trends during corona that you might have come across. Also, How many of these Instagram trends during corona crisis are you guilty of?

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Sources: Instagram, Blogger’s Own Experience, Fit Yourself Club

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