With the pandemic turning our world topsy-turvy, A voice for #Vocalforlocal by our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave chance to our homegrown brands to celebrate this new challenge with a fresh perspective and new strategies to beat the odds.

Last balmy evening, I was rummaging through a stash of the family photographs where I found my mother and her two siblings with Ayurvedic infused Besan and turmeric face mask as a grandmother’s advice for ‘Nikhar’ on a face.

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This reminded me that our country has always been deeply rooted in the principle of Ayurveda. A #Vocalforlocal call made sure that there’s no better time than this to take a pause and become aware of your senses, by consciously incorporating ourselves to buy Indian products.

#Vocalforlocal mantra made sure that our top Homegrown Indian Skincare brands should not be left unattended while sharing the public eye.

So, how about we go for #Vocalforlocal series of campaign for Homegrown Indian Skincare brands in incorporating modern techniques with ancient purifying ingredients.

1.Soul Flower-

Whether they are oils, cleansers, soaps, serums, and hydrating masks, Soul Flower is another Homegrown Indian Skincare Brands whose expertise achieves therapeutic magic of the best of every herb just to elevate your natural beauty. Botanical chemistry and Ayurveda rituals is their thing. Consider swapping out your regular skincare products with these. You will fall in love with your skin again!

2.Dr. Sheth’s-

The only Homegrown Skincare Brands formulated by three generations of skin doctors has occupied a special place in the heart of Indians as they have specially curated their products by taking into account all types of Indian skin. All their products are vegan and toxin-free directly teleporting a sun-kissed sheen to your skin.

3. Khadi Natural

Looking for an affordable everyday use skincare products? You don’t have to think twice to lay your hands on this hand-pounded botanicals infused Indian skincare brand unraveling a rejuvenated glow for your ‘oh-so-dull’ skin. Their herbal remedial solutions immerse the skin in a veil of moisture-rich humectants & discover a visibly plump complexion with a proper skincare regime.

4.Forest Essentials-

The luxurious Forest essentials itself denotes being natural, fresh, and pure known for the ancient science of Ayurveda infused with a modern aesthetic. Made from living plants and their extracts and fresh fermented fruits, today it has become a renowned Indian Skincare Brand which has won the heart of the nation through its aesthetic fresh take on of botanicals blended completely for your sensorial experience and pleasure of usage.

5.  Kama Ayurveda

Looking for a herbal healing technique for your skin? Kama Ayurveda is hands down the best Indian skincare brand so far adding the purity to the vast range of 9 Ayurveda treatments. Made from traditional ingredients from India’s lush gardens and providing the whole world the essence of Ayurveda since 2002 by indulging your skin with the care it deserves!

6. Biotique

Amidst Homegrown Indian Skincare Brands, Biotique is an eco- friendly skincare brand that highly satisfies the diverse needs of customers and cultures by being economical. For over 25 years, it has built its legacy on product purity, universality, and manufacturing. Biotique’s wide range of chemical-free and organic products helps in hydrating your skin and combatting environmental aggressors.

7. Mama Earth

Mama Earth deals in skincare, haircare, baby care products that are 100% natural and toxin-free. Founded in 2016, it quickly established itself as a fast-growing beauty and health care provider in the Indian economy. Mama Earth claims to be Asia’s first Made-safe certified brand. It ensures the production of safe and natural products that don’t hinder the health of the planet and its animals.

8. Juicy chemistry

With the motto of ‘simplified skincare’, Juicy chemistry believes in providing the top quality natural skincare without any nasty promises. They believe that if it’s good to eat, it is good for your skin. By using an optimum mixture of foods, they provide simple but effective products that nourish your skin to ensure unmatched purity.

9. Organic Harvest

Pamper your skin with this ‘plant-based products’ skincare brand that is organic, safe, and offers long term benefits. Global organizations such as EcoCert and OneCert imply that Organic Harvest have no traces of harmful oils, minerals, and animal ingredients. This is another best affordable Indian skincare brand that brings you in a spectrum of awareness to provide beauty products safe for both the customers and nature.

10. Ilana Organics

Last but not least. In case you are missing on this brand, You are missing your daily ritual of self-care skin regime! Ilana Organics is a blend of natural sources and modern ethics. It brings together the tradition of natural personal care and the modern ways to derive it. By providing opportunities to semi-skilled workers, they promise a variety of hair and skincare products.

Cleanse. Heal. Rejuvenate. Repeat!

So, these are #Vocalforlocal driven great Homegrown Indian Skincare Brands, definitely kipping you align with your natural rhythms and leaving your skin firmer and re-energized!

Do let us know how you are refining and revitalizing your skin with nature’s own touched products in the comments below.

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